Congressman’s phone passcode appears to be ‘777777’

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Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX.) appeared to reveal his incredibly poor phone passcode on Wednesday during a hearing in the nations capital.

As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed privacy and security in front of theHouse Financial Services Committee, a camera caught Gooden unlocking his smartphone.

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Gooden appeared to enter 777777, hardly an uncrackable code for todays sophisticated hacking tools.

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Video of the incident quickly went viral, racking upmillions of views and earning a spot on Reddits front page.

Gooden responded to the incident on Twitter Thursday by comparing himself to Kanye West, who also made last year for using a weak phone passcode while visiting Trump in the Oval Office.

Just another thing @kanyewestand I have in common, Gooden tweeted.

Gooden also tried to defend himself by arguing that a passcode is more secure than Face ID.

But that is only true if you actually have a good passcode. And 777777 aint it.

Perhaps a sitting member of Congress exposing their terrible password while one of the most powerful tech overlords is being grilled over security just feet away is par for the course in 2019.

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