‘Ghost Chair’ Spooks Hospital Staff As It Creepily Wheels Away By Itself

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It must be getting close to Halloween. Spooky videos are circulating on social media, including new footage of a wheelchair that appeared to move on its own. 

Newsflare reported that staff at the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research in Chandigarh, India, is reluctant to work the night shift after a ghostly incident was captured on security camera footage. The video shows a wheelchair parked against a wall, slowing moving out of a portico-like area, down a ramp and into a garden. 

However, a doctor at the hospital dismissed any notion of a haunting. 

“It rolled on the smooth floor and went out,” the unnamed physician told the news agency. “It was just wind and not any ghost.”

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Indeed, the footage shows some of the greenery moving in a breeze. 

Just 36 days until Halloween … 

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