‘Girl With No Job’ Claudia Oshry Accuses ‘Creep’ Cuba Gooding Jr. Of Inappropriately Touching Her At A Club! – Perez Hilton

Another woman has come forward accusing Cuba Gooding Jr. of inappropriately touching her, and she’s spilling the tea about the incident that made her feel “mortified.”

Claudia Oshry (AKA Girl With No Job) shared her claims about the Oscar-winner during an episode of her podcast, The Morning Toast — one day before

She recalled:

“I was a senior in high school in 2012. I was at a club called SL with a bunch of my friends. We were all at a table when I felt someone inappropriately touching me. I turn around and Cuba Gooding Jr. is there hysterically laughing. I was mortified.”

Explaining how the alleged incident “happened so fast,” the social media star continued:

“I was genuinely confused. Nobody had ever touched me without my consent before. I wasn’t planning on turning around and seeing a celebrity, just your average NYC degenerate. The entire thing happened so fast, it was the weirdest thing ever.”

Oshry, who was famously called out last year after

She added:

“I think lots of people are embarrassed to speak on this… I’m glad someone finally spoke up, I just wish it happened sooner.”

The comedienne said she hopes sharing her alleged encounter with the Jerry Maguire star can “help someone else cope with theirs.”

Meanwhile, Gooding’s team is preparing a motion to dismiss the charges of forcible touching and sex abuse in the third degree the 51-year-old was slapped with in New York City on Thursday, which he pleaded not guilty to.

The actor’s attorney told ET:

“We are in the process of preparing a motion to dismiss the charges in the interest of justice and are very confident that it will be successful.”

It sounds like a lot of women have had similar experiences. We’ll see if more alleged victims continue to come forward.

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