Jake Pauls lawyer responds to allegations that women were drugged at the YouTuber’s party

Three days after star Jake Paul threw a massive house party where , his lawyer said Paul is taking the allegations very seriously.

Initial reports that stemmed from Pauls bash described the possibility that as many as nine women were drugged. Somebody identifying herself as the mother of one of the women wrote on a local moms Facebook group that her daughter ended up in the hospital with eight other girls who had been drugged and ended up incoherent. Something was put in their drinks. The girls were all half naked and unable to walk or talk.

According to BuzzFeed News, the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department is investigating one occurrence of unwillful impairment. Pauls lawyer, Stanton Larry Stein, told the allegation that we take this claim very seriously. And we are working with authorities to make absolutely sure we do our part to uncover the truth.

An anonymous Paul representative told BuzzFeed News that Paul hasnt been questioned or approached for an interview by police. There is no indication that Paul was involved in the alleged incident or was anywhere nearby when it might have occurred.

According to that anonymous person, Paul also hired 38 security officers who were checking the IDs of partygoers and attempting to keep the peace. The now-deleted Instagram account of @firestation88, which serves the Calabasas area where Paul lives, posted a photo from Pauls house and said workers spent much of their Saturday night transporting multiple patients from the party to the hospital.

There was apparently another injury suffered away from the party. ABC7 reported that an elderly neighbor tried calling the police after one of the party attendees entered her backyard and allegedly began banging on her door. As she went to call the police, she apparently fell face-first onto her stone floor.