Jenelle Evans & Barbara Caught Having Another Classic ‘Teen Mom’ Fight Outside Courthouse! – Perez Hilton

In such turbulent times, it’s nice to know there are things you can rely on — the sun rising in the morning, fans being angry about the new Batman casting, and of course Jenelle Evans and her mother getting into nasty fights.

We’ve watched the Teen Mom 2 stars verbally scrap for many years now, even when they weren’t legal adversaries — which does seem to be the case right now.

For those somehow unaware of the drama, Barbara Evans currently has custody of two of her three grandchildren following a truly horrifying incident with Jenelle’s husband, David Eason.

Eason reportedly killed the family’s French bulldog Nugget after it got mildly aggressive with (i.e. nipped at) 2-year-old Ensley. We say “reportedly” — the man

TMZ got cameras outside the courthouse and captured Jenelle and Barbara having a conversation after the proceedings.

Jenelle was holding Ensley in her arms; Barbara was trying to get her daughter to give up the child so they could leave — after all, she has custody, not Jenelle.

That’s when Jenelle angrily responded:

“I’m giving my daughter a hug. If you have a problem with it, then go get an officer. Because obviously she’s not scared.”

All while holding the child.

Later Jenelle told the cameras Barbara had blocked her number.

And Barbara responded by saying her daughter’s attitude was an act “all for the cameras.”

Wait, that was toning it down? Oh, well, for Jenelle, we guess that’s true.

Watch the mini episode of Teen Mom 2 (below)!

[Image via MTV/YouTube.]

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