Makeup ArtistCole Carrigan Accuses Cameron Dallas Of ‘Homophobic’ Water Attack! – Perez Hilton

Cole Carrigan is accusing Cameron Dallas of being a “homophobic drunk a**hole” following an alleged altercation at a party.

Over the weekend, the makeup artist posted a video on Twitter where he films the YouTube star after he allegedly threw water at Carrigan in his own house.

Carrigan added the caption:

“so last night at a party i was outside talking to people minding my own business when @camerondallas decides to comes up to me and throw his water bottle all over me for absolutely no reason other than being a homophobic drunk asshole. i won’t tolerate that shit.”

As seen here:

Cole added:

“the kid was shook that i started recording him and froze up real fucking quick. it’s 2019 if your still homophobic or insecure about your own sexuality so you have to take it out on people who are confident with theirs you’re TRASH”

When a social media user suggested that Dallas thew water on other people and was just “wilding out,” Carrigan responded:

“‘wilding out’ isn’t deliberately walking up to someone you don’t know and throwing your water all over them. that’s being a f**king dick and im sure if i was a pretty female or one of the ‘homies’ that wouldn’t of happened so what else do you call it?”

The beauty blogger further elaborated on the alleged incident in an Instagram Live video, as seen (below):

Though Dallas has yet to comment, friend Taylor Caniff denied the 24-year-old is homophobic, writing on Twitter:

“[Cameron] is extremely far from being homophobic. He was at a huge house party with 500+ plus people drinking and celebrating… Cameron never talked to the kid.”

Caniff even suggested the alleged water attack was an accident.

“How is it okay to call people a bitch and say f**k you over a accident? and uploaded it straight to twitter for clout?! Cameron was so confused when this kid started filming him and didn’t want to take his phone or do anything because the kid was BEGGING for attention”

Taylor added:

“Kid is already dealing with a lot of mental anxiety and depression. And this to add onto it because a kid wants attention. Is devastating. I want everyone happy and everyone to win at life… I will stick up for my friends like i always do. Because i’m a friend. I could careless what people on the internet think of me it’s 2019… Nothing but respect to the [LGBT] community. I understand many of you go through real life bullying because of your sexuality… and that’s not right. i want everyone thriving and happy with whom they are and whom they wanna be.”

Dallas’ “anxiety and depression” may be related to his December 2018 arrest, where he was charged with felony second-degree assault.

Per the police report, Cameron allegedly fractured a man’s nose and jaw in an Aspen, Colorado hotel room after the guy “made unwanted sexual advances” toward Dallas’ male friend.

Drama, drama, DRAMA!!!

[Image via Cole Carrigan/Instagram/Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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