YouTube star Cameron Dallas accused of homophobia after dousing beauty vlogger with water

Beauty vlogger Cole Carrigan blasted star Cameron Dallas for being homophobic after Dallas apparently spilled water all over Carrigans pants at a party on Saturday.

According to Carrigan, Dallaswho has more than 5.6 million YouTube subscribersapproached him at on Saturday, and without any provocation, dumped water on the unsuspecting Carrigan.

Immediately, Carrigan began filming Dallas and said, Im in my own fucking house and literally talking to my fucking friend and fucking ugly-ass Cameron Dallas is fucking throwing water all over my fucking pants like a piece of shit. So fuck you.

Dallas, shown on the video with a water bottle in his hand, looked stunned and didnt say anything during Carrigans brief rant.

But Carrigan had much more to say on Twitter about the YouTuber he called a homophobic drunk asshole.

I have too much respect for myself to be silent about a situation that needs to be brought to everyones attention, Carrigan said on Twitter. The kid was shook that I started recording him and froze up real fucking quick. Its 2019 if [youre] still homophobic or insecure about your own sexuality so you have to take it out on people who are confident with theirs youre TRASH.

Rapper Deejay Rupp came to Dallas defense, but Carrigan disputed him.

Dallas hasnt commented publicly on the incident, but YouTuber Taylor Caniff also defended him, saying he is extremely far from being homophobic. He also accused Carrigan of simply wanting attention.

Caniff wrote on Twitter, How is it OK to call people a bitch and say fuck you over [an] accident? and uploaded it straight to twitter for clout?! Cameron was so confused when this kid started filming him and didnt want to take his phone or do anything because the kid was BEGGING for attention.

Caniff continued by writing, [Dallas] is already dealing with a lot of mental anxiety and depression. And this to add onto it because a kid wants attention. Is devastating. I want everyone happy and everyone to win at life.

In late 2018, Dallas was arrested for who apparently had hit on Dallas friend in Aspen, Colorado. A hearing, in that case, has been pushed back into the summer.

Neither Carrigan nor Dallas immediately responded to Daily Dot messages asking about the incident.

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